26 January, 2006


Happy six month birthday!

Today, 26 January, 2o06, is Rory's six month birthday. We can't believe it has already been six months! In some ways, it feels like it has been longer - we enjoy every day with her and can't imagine our lives before she popped forth. On the flip side, we imagine that the cats (Dakota, Digit, Henry, Sedona, and Zamboni) wish Rory would just go away. She recently noticed the cats' existence, you see, and loves digging her meaty fingers into their fuzzy coats. Who wouldn't, we say?

Rory just started eating solids, and has experienced sweet potatoes and peas thus far. She didn't get too completely grubby, either. Some potato got jammed into her copious neckline, buried beneath those jowly cheeks of hers, but that's why we have wet paper towels. She enjoyed the heck out of herself. "Finally," she thought. "They noticed that I hated the rice cereal and decided to give me something with flavor!"

Yeah, her parents are dolts. What can you do?


Welcome to Rory's Blog!

Well, really it is her parent's blog, as Rory does not yet know how to type. Heck, she can't even feed herself yet! We created this blog to chart her progress, post pictures, and share milestones with family and friends. We can't promise it won't be goobery, but the good news is you can always close the browser window if it gets to be too much.

So welcome to the Rory story!

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